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November 2016 | EDG 88 JP

Regenerative Development through LENSES with a case study of Seacombe West

Josette Plaut, Brian Dunbar, Helene Gotthelf and Dominique Hes

Green building and sustainable development efforts are helping to reduce negative impacts associated with the built environment. Yet, current global challenges require societies to move beyond incremental improvements toward truly healthy ecosystems, communities and local economies. Regenerative development is a practice that seeks to build capacity and capability in people, communities and natural systems to renew, sustain and thrive. LENSES (Living Environments in Natural, Social and Economic Systems) is a guiding framework and process for regenerative development that aims to transform the way that people design, develop and live for the benefit of all.

This paper will outline regenerative development, describe the process of using the LENSES Framework, and highlight a project - Seacombe West in Victoria, Australia, where regenerative development and LENSES have been used to guide the master planning process.

Keywords: Regenerative development, community engagement, participatory process, master planning 

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